Pan Fong Bakery

CLIENT : Pan Fong Bakery

Pan Fong Bakery has almost hundred-year of experience in handmaking cookies in Macau. It insists on using natural and healthy ingredients to produce its products; because of this, it has gained many supporters throughout the years. Nevertheless, there are more and more young bakeries entering the market recently, and they brought the traditional bakeries a non-negligible amount of competition. To compete with these newcomers, Pan Fong Bakery intended to change the consumers’ impression that it is just a traditional Chinese bakery. In particular, it invented a new product called “CHEIRO” to reach the younger consumers in the market while maintaining its traditional techniques of handmaking cookies. Moreover, Pan Fong Bakery would like to place this product in the luxury department stores.

In this design project, because Pan Fong Bakery would like to target “CHEIRO” to the new generations and place it in the luxury department stores, we use modern design techniques to present traditional oriental aesthetics on this product. In particular, to break the old impression of being old-fashioned and deliver an elegant and refined image, we incorporate the characteristic of “leaving the blank area,” which is very common in traditional oriental designs. Furthermore, we use the magenta color tree to depict the Pan Fong Bakery’s professional craftmanship, which is passed down from generation to generation. Contrasting with the white background, the magenta color tree presents the harmonization of the Chinese and Western aesthetics a simple and neat way.