Sun Yick Restaurant

CLIENT : Sun Yick Restaurant

An endeavour for 30 years, Sun Yick is a star in Macau’s catering industry, and has been loved by the grassroot and the community. In this first attempt to create the brand for Sun Yick, the greatest challenge is to foster recognition and resonance for the unpolished image of Dai Pai Dong among the older generation of the community, while attracting the attention from the younger generation so that they can try it out as well, striking a balance between the traditional and new generation clientele, and fully demonstrating the culinary innovation of Sun Yick.

In Macau, Fatman is also already a synonym of Sun Yick. He is well-known in the local community. Therefore, when designing the menu, I have incorporated two major elements. First of them is the retro-Chinese illustration style, depicting the life story behind each dish by Fatman and bringing them to customers in a humorous manner to put a smile on their face. The second is that we have invited a Macau calligrapher who has created a powerful calligraphy that sends a feeling of roughness, delivering to each customer the most dynamic experience. By fusing a traditional tone with a contemporary rendition, the hope is for customers to understand from Fatman’s food his life view and gain a sense of satisfaction.